​My husband and I are both vegetarians and we buy mostly organic produce & products so healthy meals are very important to us. We work long hours and cooking is low on our priority list, so I was really happy to find Cynthia, who makes wonderfully delicious, organic, vegetarian meals!  

We love the way she flavors the food…light and tasty…not oily or with heavy sauces.   It is amazing that her menu changes weekly!

She is also very accommodating on the delivery/pickup day & time as well as allowing us to use our own containers.  

Cynthia cooks with love and you can taste it in her meals!  I look forward to her meals every week and wish I could have her make all my meals!      

M&T Barnum

Oceanside, CA

I am a very busy manager at a beach resort and I work long hours and hit the gym every day after work. I have extremely strict dietary needs that are similar to someone with celiac disease, in addition to eating in accordance to the blood type diet. I only eat organic food and I guess the most important factor to share with you is that I DO NOT COOK!!

This is how Cynthia has changed my life: I don’t have to worry about having the time to cook, shop or that I may be missing out on my dietary needs.  I referred my naturopathic doctor to Cynthia and she too has begun ordering and receiving the yummy, organic, delivered food made with pure love!

Cynthia has truly changed my life and health!      

Kelly Reid

Vista, CA

Cynthia's meals are not only delicious, but so convenient for our family of four. We have two boys (1.5 and 3), so cooking is always a crap shoot with them. It's nice not to have to worry about my own meals during the week! We also have a gluten-free house, but we're still able to enjoy pasta, meatloaf and other tasty meals without worrying about gluten exposure. She cooks a mean tri-tip and made the BEST Valentine's meal for us that had a delectable flourless chocolate cake. Give it a try...you won't be disappointed!  

Alana Bishop, Delta Fitness Owner

Vista, CA 

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Culinary Cultivation has the highest quality organic food and creative and innovative recipes packed with variety and nutrition! 

I started using the service when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When Cynthia told me about her "Wellness" program I was in awe of the compassion and generosity she puts into her work. She tailored every meal to my very unique cancer diet specifications, without any compromise on taste! Her meals allowed me to go through chemo, surgeries and radiation feeling energized and healthy. Cynthia has become the go-to chef for our patient referral group and she has assisted several more of us to attain maximum nutritional benefit throughout our journeys. 

Maddy Diaz

Carlsbad, CA

We are both very busy professionals with health concerns.  We are unable to prepare meals for my husband, Mark, to keep him within healthy parameters for his strict dietary requirements.  He has been sent repeatedly to the emergency room with painful reactions to the wrong foods.  Cynthia was referred to us and now prepares customized meal plans for him.  She gives him healthy, delicious dishes he enjoys immensely, including desserts!  He is able to stay well within his diet parameters and enjoy his meals and better health.  Amazingly, he has not taken ONE trip to the emergency room since she began cooking for us! 

It is such a relief to have taken the guesswork out of his meal preparation.  We don't know what we would do without Cynthia!! 

Kim Dillon
Oceanside, CA

As a busy executive trying my best to stay fit after 50, Cynthia’s weekly meal service has been invaluable to me.  My menu has been customized to meet my nutritional goals so I don't have to worry about over-eating or not eating enough.  

Not only are the meals delicious and balanced, they save me a ton of time since I don’t have to think about what to eat during the week, or go out for lunch like many of my colleagues and employees do ( I order four days of four meals per day). This, of course, also saves me money, but I appreciate the assured nutritional balance and time savings even more.

I cannot recommend Cynthia’s service enough! 

Ron Carruthers


Carlsbad, CA