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The building blocks of our nutrition certainly include greens, and unfortunately we cannot always count on commercially grown greens to be safe, even when organically grown.

​We at Culinary Cultivation have grown some of our organic produce for years.  This year we added a powerhouse aeroponic Tower Garden to our arsenal of growing tools.  Greens at our fingertips.  Herbs, micro greens, lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, cucumbers, green beans, squash!  All grown with no soil, no commercial fertilizers, no pesticides.

​They are amazingly easy to use, and will fit on almost any patio or balcony and can even be utilized inside!! 

These towers and all Juice Plus products are available for everyone through our amazing delivery and customer support coordinator, Kelly Reid.

​You may contact Kelly through us here at Culinary Cultivation, or contact her directly at https://kellyreid.towergarden.com.



Receiving a diagnosis for any health concern can often be confusing and even frightening.  Some serious health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and cancer will require an immediate and life-long change in dietary habits. 

Changing dietary habits to aid in addressing and healing health conditions is often one of the most important steps taken on the path to wellness.  

Cynthia has worked hand-in-hand with many individuals, their physicians, nutritionists and dietitians to assist them with dietary wellness plans that provide ultra-nutritious meals which are prepared specifically to compliment their medical/holistic treatment. 

Modern lifestyles don’t always create optimal conditions for physical wellness. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and an overabundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and diminish energy levels. From weight management to supplemental support, essential oils can be very beneficial in improving your personal environment.

You can access the power of essential oils many ways, but the most common practices include aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption. These methods bring the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals to your home, family, and life. Utilizing essential oils and essential oil-infused products can provide the solutions you need to restore balance and feel your best.

We use, recommend and distribute Young Living brand essential oils and products for their "Seed to Seal" purity guarantee.